ES Design Lab

We are getting some strong interest in the new ES Design Lab and it’s been great to be able to work with some different Grade 4 classes over the last couple of weeks. Julie has prepared a fun “toy rescue” design challenge where students need to design and develop a device that will pick up a small toy from the ground. After having 4MW and 4RB working in the lab we have uncovered a few improvements so the activity is undergoing its own design process : )

I’ve had a go at making some “aesthetic changes” to the ISB Design Process graphic to introduce a bit more contrast and make it a little more bold. The colours are the same but more intense. This will allow us to create further resources that link each colour and stage to the sorts of learner activities and characteristics that we want to be promoting. We have also been working on some other simple branding that can help build an identity and profile for ISB Design.

In the space we have had wonderful excitement and output from students, they have embraced our design philosophy and are keen to engage with everything we provide them with. Working across a sequence of 3 or so lessons allows us to value add to the “making” activities with lessons on peer feedback and reflection. I am also looking at how to incorporate lessons on design sketching & annotation. Every lesson I am learning a little more about how to grow the program and embed design thinking and process meaningfully into the ES curriculum.

Continued thanks to Geoff, Shane, Clint and of course Julie, all of whom offer a wealth of ideas on how to use the Design Lab that we share to the faculty at every opportunity.


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