2016 E21LE Symposium: “What’s Working?


On Friday I was able to attend the 2016 Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments symposium, “What’s Working?”. The full day forum allowed various educators, architects and academics the opportunity to present and discuss their study of innovative learning spaces.


The day sought to answer the question: ‘What is working in learning environment design and occupation, and how does this success inform future best practices?’

Around 15 current and recently completed research higher degree students presented a range of evaluation tools and shared their findings of how the new generation of learning environments can enhance teaching and learning.


There was a strong contingent of architects including representatives from Hayball (designers of the Learning Project) with some excellent discussions around the role and benefits of prototyping of new generation learning environments as is the case at CGS. This is pertinent as in Term 3, E21LE will be working with Hayball and CGS to evaluate the Learning Project space.

I also got to have a good look at the new School of Design at the University of Melbourne, it’s an impressive building especially the fabrication lab (FabLab).


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  1. Hi Sam.
    I hope that you found the day useful. When I have attended in the past, I have been struck by the synergy between flexible pedagogy and flexible learning spaces and the range of evaluation methods to monitor the outcomes.
    Hopefully, we can catch up at some point to share your reflections of the day.

  2. Fascinating stuff Sammy. I hadn’t realised how extensive the day was. The FabLab looks like a very well resourced place to work. Where there any conclusions or overarching themes that came through? Love to hear about them. Maybe also get you to share them with the team also?

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